Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tell Me

Tell me…

Tell me. Tell me oh holy dogmatic exalted one, self appointed leader of the uninspired masses.
Tell me of the quid pro quo conditions that lay between the lines of the book that you twist and stretch to suit your self serving sermons.
Tell me all that I can not seem to read for myself in the pages of the doctrine you claim to live to serve above all.
Above man, above self, above is where you look for answers yet from within are the words you spew upon the ignorant and uninformed too scared to question, to afraid to seek the light for themselves.
They buy your packaged carbon copy peace of mind because it is so much easier than the search.
Unwrapping the package of forgiveness and acceptance not seeing that it comes wrapped in the foil of your judgment and disapproval.
Tell me how you got so tall, standing tip toe on your pulpit there is non higher. No other who can look down on us, look down on me now.
Tell me again that I must beg forgiveness for the sin of personal choice, forgiveness for the unforgivable act of stepping out of line.
And tell me who you think you are to condemn my eternity. Blessing above all the ants who march head down to your alter overfilling your plate with their payment an offering to you and to your brick and mortar suburban holy ground.
Tell me why it is that I will beg when the shit comes down from above, Halleluiah to the followers and believers as they leave behind the free thinkers and set out for the most holy kingdom that awaits.

Are you so blinded by faith that you can not see that heaven itself is all around us? Reflected in the paradise that surrounds us here on earth.
No you can not see past your own arrogant judgment. You can not lower you blinders long enough to see that it is us; all of us reflections of the divine. All holy. All pure at heart.
You can’t see there is no devil set on the destruction of man kind. But there is a devil at work without doubt; alive and well in the blame and in the judgment. The devil himself feeds with in the walls you hold so dear. But you’ll never see him past yourself.

So if you are through with explaining why I do not qualify for your exclusive offer of forgiveness acceptance and conditional holy love. I will leave you to wallow in your own self righteous pity.

I will go forth, I will embrace the heavens on earth around me, and I will embrace the divine reflected in my fellow man. And I will embrace the inevitable change that is coming. And it is I that will survive to drink from the water of life. It is I that will inherit the kingdom of god that surrounds us all. It is here that I will find the peace you are selling and it is here that I will wait to accept you.

Copyright 2008