Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You think you got it bad?

Just walked down Jasper ave on my lunch break to get some air and try to warm up from my cold office. Came across a guy. Maybe 21-23 at the most. Kind of grungy looking but not necessarily homeless. Spiky blond hair, jeans and an old black T-shirt. Staggering and definitely drunk but more likely stoned. Grinning, a kind of "wow I am in shock" grin. From a distance I can tell he is talking loud to everyone he passes, so I brace myself for the usual "hey man can you spare some change?" request. I get closer and I can see that I will be the next person he passes as there is no one around me. OK then here it comes, I don'thave any change so that is all I can say.

Kid to me "He man, you know a lot of people think they got it bad hey,but they ain't got it so fuckin' bad. But I just found out I gotfuckin' AIDS, I'm gonna Fuckin' die hey, I'm gonna Fuckin' die. Nowwhat the fuck I am supposed to do. I got it Fuckin' bad"

He didn't stop, he kept walking east while I walked west. I heard himrepeat a similar statement to the next people he came across. He justkept walking, and grinning, that's all he knew to do.

I don't got it so Fuckin' bad.