Friday, November 23, 2007

Are You Real?

I had a dream last night. One of those dreams that are so real that you wake up confused and lost wishing you could return wishing the dream were the reality.

I often wonder about that; the line between dream and reality. Am I awake now as I write this? Are you awake reading it? Or is this the dream that we will abruptly awake from very soon?

What a thing to consider. What if I was to wake up and realize the past 15 years had been one of ‘those’ dreams. And there I’d be head down in a puddle of drool on the desk of my Math 20 class (I spent a lot of time like that). My wife, kids, job and life all just some images conjured up by in my head probably a result of the corn chips and coke I had for breakfast between classes.

I think about this too often.


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mave said...

I think dreams are a way for us to process all the thoughts/information we take in during the day - both consciously and subconsciously - and when viewed in that context I find them really interesting. part of what we do when going through our daily lives is puzzle out the possibilities of things, and I think our dreams (past and present) become part of the fodder of our imagination, so we have these amazingly intricate, vivid experiences that can have a huge emotional impact on our day and even on our thoughts in days ahead. it often genuinely feels like living multiple lives, and for me - it really enriches my experience, even when the dreams are nightmares. it enables us to have a much broader experience and frame of reference than we might otherwise have.